San Diego STR Map

Recently stumbled on some very useful data provided by San Diego City Treasurer. It’s the addresses of vacation STR properties that have registered for the Short Term Rental Certificate.

According to San Diego City, every short term rental is required to obtain this certificate.

Properties located in the City of San Diego that are rented to Transients for less than one month are required to obtain a Transient Occupancy Registration Certificate. This includes short-term residential occupancy properties of any kind (i.e. houses, condos, rooms, or spaces) rented directly by the owner/operator, by property management companies or via internet travel services. The short-term residential occupancy properties are generally issued a “Vacation” type TOT Certificate.

City of San Diego Data

I think it’s valuable to make this sort of data more accessible as the City of San Diego starts enforcing the STR Ordinance. Note that the addresses listed on here are not to be harassed or targeted in any way. These are the listings that are following the law and complying with the ordinance.

Please use this information wisely. Understand that it is only updated periodically and newer STRs may take a while to show up. Below the map I will publish the source and date information from City of San Diego so you can see how old it is.

SourceCity of San Diego Data
PublisherCity Treasurer
Date Issued (YYYY-MM-DD)2022-05-11
Date Modified (YYYY-MM-DD)2022-10-21
CategoryEconomy & Community
MaintainerCity of San Diego
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