Listings Dashboard

These days watching inventory is all the rage – and Redfin Data Center has a lot of good stats. But I’m tired of clicking on all the tabs just to figure out why inventory is going up, down or sideways.

Before we look at this, I want to caveat that I’m using Active Listings not Inventory from Redfin.

The reason is simply that Redfin doesn’t share inventory, only active listings. Active Listings is everything listed in the last 4 weeks. It can be higher than inventory because inventory is a snapshot at the end of the month. It’s related, but not exactly the same! But it’s a pretty close indicator.

Since there’s some complexity in the stats – here’s a full article on how to understand the visuals presented here… Understanding the listings dashboard.

All underlying data is thanks to Redfin Data Center.

Hope this helps you understand the source of inventory shift in your area.