Inventory Dash

These days watching inventory is all the rage – and Redfin Data Center has a lot of good stats. But I’m tired of clicking on all the tabs just to figure out why inventory is going up, down or sideways.

So I pulled together this view of current inventory stats to understand what are the factors in inventory and how they add up.

All underlying data is thanks to Redfin Data Center.

If you’d like to support me on my quest to plumb the depths of real estate data and update these visuals more frequently, I’d appreciate it! Tableau is expensive.

The bars at the bottom show how much of a bite delistings and pending sales are taking out of new listings. New listings add to the inventory but delists and pending sales subtract.

  • The total height of the bars are the number of new listings.
  • The grey shows the delisted homes. You can eyeball if these are increasing in your metro.
  • The teal shows the pending sales. You can eyeball if these are increasing in your metro.
  • The dark blue shows how many listings are left over. If there is a dark blue bar, it shows a net positive for listings and should increase inventory.
  • If the teal goes negative for the period, it means we are net negative for listings and this should reduce inventory.

Hope this helps you understand the source of inventory shift in your area.