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So as I mentioned in my previous article, sometimes it’s funny how you hear the same catchphrases flying around and how they’re all designed to nudge you in some way. I actually just thought it was a symptom of a hive mind or something.

But today on r/rebubble, a reddit forum dedicated to discussing the bubble, someone posted a slew of videos all parroting the exact same script verbatim! I couldn’t believe my ears, it was like that Sinclair news story from a few years back.

The realtors were from all different markets too – so whether or not their markets are correcting, they’re repeating the same thing to their clients.

– In case you’re wondering, the answer is NO!

Frankly, I find this infuriating, these are professionals who are getting paid a lot to advise homebuyers and they are mindlessly repeating scripts. I’d link the videos but I actually don’t want to give them the clicks.

Here’s the whole script in case you are wondering. Yes, it’s not just a sentence, they repeat this script verbatim flashing the same imagery midway through.

Want to know if we’re in a housing market correction right now? The
answer is NO.

While the market’s undergoing a shift, it’s certainly not going through a
correction. That’s because there’s a significant difference between a
correction and what we’re seeing today.

Forbes defines a correction as a decline of 10 to 20 percent in the
value of a market index or price of an asset. But home prices aren’t
falling, they’re just rising at a slower pace. Experts are still
projecting over 8 percent home price appreciation this year nationally.

While it’s not the same as the record breaking home price appreciation
we saw last year, it certainly not a decline. So don’t let the
headlines fool you!

– Some script being sent to all the realtors, I guess.

As I explained before, don’t blindly trust your realtor. Some are great and will guide you well, but understand their incentives and watch out for this kind of mindless advice. Only you and the buyer are parties to the purchase contract, only you and the bank are parties to the mortgage, your realtor gets to walk away.

Disclaimer: I’m an idiot first time home buyer. I’ve never taken an econ class in my life. I’m just sharing what I see and learn as it happens. I am 100% certain I will get things wrong, so don’t take any of this as the golden truth.

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